Know Yourself with Nature's Power


The Astrologer Mr. D.B. Pandian was born at Chennai,South India in the year 1956 and completed his schooling from Ramakrishna mission(main) high school, T.Nagar, Chennai and graduated from Madras Christian college,Tambaram, Chennai. For the past 30 years, He is doing research in the subject of astrology. Initially started with doing astrology relying on the horoscope based on the time, date and place of birth then numerology and vasthu (prediction for auspicious house) and studied all prasannams including ashta managala prasannams. After analyzing the said subject in order to have perfect accuracy in predictions, the astrologer found the system of prediction purely based on the pancha pakshi Aarudam which is first of its kind in the whole of universe.

The word pancha pakshi mean five elements of the world namely (Earth, air, water, fire and space). Each and every thing and object will come under the above five headings and the system can be applied commonly and uniformly to the questions raised by the people from the various parts of the world. This method of prediction is based on the time in which the question arises in your mind and according to this method there is an answer /solution for the question which arises , this will be predicted by the astrologer and will be intimated to you in 36 hours You need to choose a question from the given list for each topic or you need to type your question in the text box and while submitting kindly mention the time. The astrologer will not respond to any illegal, illogical, hypothetical, speculative and vulgar questions and he reserves his right of answering.