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The 09 DAYS CHINA DESTINATIONS tour package takes you to BEIJING XIAN and SHANGHAI offering the essence of China.

Beijing is the capital of China and hosts a bundle of famous tourist destinations, especially the Great Wall of China.

Xian is an ancient city and home to several ancient dynasties. The terracotta warriors complex is a unique architectural and cultural tourist attraction.

Shanghai is the financial hub of China and is the country's biggest city. It boasts of skyscrapers and futuristic architectural marvels. The museums are also loaded with awe-inspiring artefacts. The city also hosts hip and chic boutiques from Internationally famous brands.

Embark on a journey replete with the ancient heritage and culture of the Chinese infused with the  marvels of modern civilization.  The perfect mix to keep you engaged and exhilarated with memorable good times. 


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Shanghai Bullet Train

3 star




Stay Plan


03 Nights in Beijing

02 Nights in Xian

03 Nights in Shanghai



  • Daily Breakfast.
  • All transfers to the airport and from the airport to the hotel.
  • Domestic flights / Bullet Train ride
  • All other tours as per itinerary.
  • All tours and transfers either on a private basis or seat-in-coach basis.



  • Night view of Nest, Olympic village_BRILLIANT BEIJING-XIAN-SHANGHAI
    Night view of Nest, Olympic village, Beijing
  • Tiananmen Square, Beijing
    Tiananmen Square, Beijing
  • The Great Wall of China, Beijing
    The Great Wall of China, Beijing
    The Bell Tower, Xian
  • Terracotta Army, Xian
    Terracotta Army, Xian
  • Metal architecture, Sea View Park, Shanghai_BRILLIANT BEIJING-XIAN-SHANGHAI
    Metal architecture, Sea View Park, Shanghai
  • The Bullet Train Shanghai.
    The Bullet Train, Shanghai
    The Bund, Shanghai
Beijing, China’s sprawling capital, has a history stretching back 3 millennia. Yet it’s known as much for modern architecture as its ancient heritage sites such as the grand Forbidden City complex, the imperial palace during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Nearby, the massive Tiananmen Square pedestrian plaza is the site of Mao Zedong’s mausoleum and the National Museum of China, displaying a vast collection of cultural relics.
Other major attractions include the Summer Palace, the retreat of emperors with pavilions and gardens along Kunming Lake. Temple of Heaven is a park that's home to the colourful, circular Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests. Beijing Olympic Park, built for the 2008 games, encompasses a long promenade and Beijing National Stadium, dubbed the “Bird’s Nest” for its interlocking steel grids. The Back Lakes district offers narrow old streets (hutongs) lined with boutiques and cafes. The 798 Art District hosts cutting-edge galleries. A popular side trip is an excursion to a nearby section of the Great Wall of China.



Peak travel season is Jun-Oct. Summer (Jun-Sep) is very hot and humid, with frequent rain. Winter (Dec–Feb) is dry and cold. Key events include Chinese New Year (Jan/Feb, dates vary), the Huangyaguan Great Wall Marathon (Great Wall of China, May), the Chrysanthemum Festival (Sep-Oct) and the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival (Sep/Oct, dates vary). 


Located in the very heart of China’s territory and including most of the middle reaches of the Yellow River, Shaanxi Province is one of the birthplaces of Chinese ancient human beings and national culture. It has also been the political, economic and cultural centre of several dynasties in the country's history. The  Chinese civilization first spread out from here to the outside world and is also a sacred place of the revolution in the country's modern history. All in all, this province plays an important role in the existence and development of the Chinese nation as well as in human history.


Shanghai, on China’s central coast, is the country's biggest city and a global financial hub. Its heart is the Bund, a famed waterfront promenade lined with colonial-era buildings. Across the Huangpu River rises the Pudong district’s futuristic skyline, including 632m Shanghai Tower and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, with distinctive pink spheres. Sprawling Yu Garden has traditional pavilions, towers and ponds.

Nanjing Road is the city’s longtime shopping thoroughfare, with a range of stores that are brightly lit at night. It leads to expansive People’s Square, where the Shanghai Museum displays carved jade, calligraphy and other traditional Chinese arts. Longhua Temple is a large complex known for its ornate Song dynasty pagoda. The French Concession, home of the city’s French population from 1849 to 1943, offers tree-lined streets, art deco buildings and hip boutiques, cafes and bars. Shanghai’s native cuisine features specialities such as xiaolongbao (steamed dumplings), hairy crabs and drunken chicken.



Peak travel season is summer (Jun-Sep) when the weather is hot, humid and rainy. Spring (Mar-May) and fall (Oct–Nov) are mild. Winter (Dec–Feb) is cold. Key events and holidays include Chinese New Year (Jan/Feb, dates vary), the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival (Sep/Oct, dates vary) and National Day (Oct). 



01 | Day: Arrival at Beijing Airport.

02 | Day: Great Wall of China Tour at Badaling Excluding cable car, Ming Tombs & Jade Carving Factory Visit

03 | Day: Beijing Full day city tour including Summer Palace (Not available on Monday)

04 | Day: Transfer to Beijing station & pick up from Xian station by train or optional flight

05 | Day: Xian Tour

06 | Day: Morning Transfer to Xian airport, Pick up from Shanghai airport

06 | Day: Evening Cruise on Huangpu River followed by dinner

07 | Day: Full day Modern & Traditional Shanghai essence tour

08 Day: Full Day Tour to Zhouzhuang Water Village and night view with Luxury Cruise

09 |Day: Transfer from your hotel to Shanghai Airport


Day 01: Arrival in Beijing

Upon arrival at Beijing International Airport, get transferred to the hotel. The rest of the day is on leisure. Overnight in Beijing.

Day 02: Beijing

After breakfast, drive about 70km to witness one of the Seven Wonders of the World - the Great Wall. Visit the Mutianyu, a less crowded yet well-preserved segment of the Great Wall built in the Ming Dynasty. It will more than live up to all of your expectations! This great wall, linking Gubeikou in the east and Juyongguan in the west, was served as the vital military strategic point in the ancient time. Moreover, Mutianyu section is the “longest great wall in China” so far and since protection work is well done here, tourists can now see its original appearance and enjoy the real ancient culture of the great wall. Also, spectacular natural scenery in Mutianyu Great Wall always impresses visitors here for its abundant vegetation. Take a cable car (optional) to ascend the Great Wall, then hike the most beautiful and interesting part of Mutianyu. It's a wonderful experience to climb up its rising towers to enjoy scenic views and take brag-worthy photos of the wall wriggling along mountain ridges. After the exciting time, descend Mutianyu Great Wall by cable car (optional). (Note: If energy permits, you can hike up or down which takes about 40 minutes to climb steps.

Continue your trip to Sacred Way, a 7-kilometre-long passage leading to the Imperial Tombs of 13 Emperors of Ming Dynasty. The Emperor, known as the Son of the Heaven, who came from Heaven to his country through the Sacred Way, also would return to Heaven through this road. Take a walk through the largest archway in China and Great Palace Gate and you’ll see the magnificent stone guard of 12 sets of mythical animals and 12 officials. Then drive back to Beijing city and visit a Jade Carving Centre. Overnight in Beijing.

Optional activity: 1) Enjoy an exciting and safe toboggan ride (about 2~3mins) down Mutianyu Great Wall; 2) After the whole day’s tour, treat yourself a great dinner to taste the famous Peking Roasted Duck.

 Day 03: Beijing City Tour

After breakfast, start to explore the historical face of Beijing with a brief visit to Tiananmen Square, now the largest city plaza in the world. Tiananmen Gate on the northern side of the square was the site where Chairman Mao announced the establishment of the People's Republic of China.

Stepping into the Tiananmen, you will see one of the world’s five most important palaces – the Forbidden City, a huge palace complex of more than 9,000 rooms where 24 emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties lived. Pass through various doorways in this magnificent structure to admire the beautiful and well-preserved buildings decorated with yellow-glazed tile roofs, white marble bases and splendid colourful paintings.

After lunch, drive to the outskirts of Beijing to spend an enjoyable time in the Summer Palace, the largest and best-preserved royal garden in China. Stroll around ancient pavilions, mansions, temples, bridges and corridors while feasting your eyes on the vast lotus in Kunming Lake and the colourful paintings in the Long Corridor. Overnight in Beijing.

Optional activities: 1) You can watch a wonderful Kungfu Show, which usually starts at 19:30

Day 04:  Beijing & High-speed Train to Xian

After breakfast, get transferred to the Beijing West Railway Station for a high-speed train trip to Xian (about 5 hours). You will be picked up at the Xian North Railway Station and transferred to your hotel in Xian. The rest of the day is on your own to explore this ancient capital of China. Overnight in Xian.

Day 05:  Xian

After breakfast, drive about 40km to discover one of the greatest man-made wonders in the world - the Terracotta Warriors and Horses, built by the first emperor of China Qin Shihuang to protect him in his afterlife. Over 8,000 life-size warriors, horses and chariots, buried in 3 pits for more than 2,000 years until uncovered by a local farmer in 1974, form an ancient military army with complete battle units of infantry, cavalry, etc. Standing in front of these figures, one can’t help being amazed not only by the ambition of Emperor Qin Shihuang but also by the fabulous artistic skills of ancient Chinese artisans.

After lunch, return back to Xian take a wonderful stroll on the Ancient City Wall, the largest and best-preserved ancient city wall in China. Enjoy panoramic views of modern Xian while you leisurely examine this well-maintained city wall which is 12 meters high and 18 meters wide with a total circuit of nearly 14 kilometres. This visit is followed by a relaxing wander around bustling and lively Muslim Quarter, a place where you can try different local snacks and explore Muslim culture. Overnight in Xian.

Optional activities:  Enjoy a wonderful Tang Palace Dance Show (usually from 8 pm to 9 pm) after a hearty dumpling dinner at a local restaurant.

Day 06:  Xian & Flight to Shanghai

After breakfast, head to Da Cien Temple, a famous Buddhist sutra translation site during the Tang Dynasty. Big Wild Goose Pagoda is the most famous building in the temple. The pagoda, rising to a height of 64.5 meters, was built by the famous Buddhist master Xuanzang to preserve classic scriptures he bought back from India during the early Tang Dynasty. Xuanzang was the prototype character for Tang Seng in the famous Chinese novel “Journey to the West”. (Note: Extra cost, if you want to climb up the Big Wild Goose Pagoda)

The rest of the day is on leisure until you get transferred to catch your flight to Shanghai (about 2hrs), the most flourishing metropolis in China. Upon arrival, you will be transferred to your hotel in Shanghai. Overnight in Shanghai.

Optional activities: Acrobatic Show, including breathtaking “balls of death” acts, chair balancing, hula hoops, a juggling of benches, walking in the air, and other breathtaking performances (usually performed during 19:30~21:00)

Day 07: Shanghai

After breakfast, be ready for a full day of sightseeing to explore both the past and present of Shanghai. Your first stop is the Shanghai Museum, one of the Best Four Museums in China. This modern museum, with a round top and a square base which symbolizing the ancient Chinese perception of the world as "round sky, square earth", has collected many international-standard exhibits of bronzes, paintings, calligraphy, sculpture, ceramics, jade from more than 5,000 years ago to the Qing dynasty. To help you learn about the history and facts about the relics in the museum easily, an Audio Explanation Device will be prepared for you. Then you will take an interesting visit to Yu Garden, a shining star among all the ancient Chinese gardens in Jiangnan. This garden fully embodies the traditional design of Chinese architecture with jagged pavilions with elegant decorations, glittering pools with roving fish, and pine trees sprouting to the sky, all designed to refresh your mood and spirit. Adjacent to the garden is the Yuyuan Bazaar where you can savour tasteful local snacks and explore elaborate traditional Chinese handicrafts and artworks. Next, you will drive several kilometres to enjoy a panoramic view of the modern face of Shanghai from the 100th floor (474m) of “the Eye of Shanghai” Shanghai World Financial Center

You will then be transferred to another popular landmark of Shanghai, Nanjing Road, a shopping paradise as well as a great place to take a wonderful walk to experience the modern atmosphere of the City. Lastly, you will stop at the Bund, originally a simple towpath for transporting goods but now transformed into a feverish trading district. You will stroll along the Bund, seeing and feeling the perfect fusion of Chinese and Western cultures while at the same time taking in the stunning Shanghai skyline with your own eyes! Evening Cruise on Huangpu River followed by dinner to see the city’s most significant edifices and streets sparkling under the atmospheric cover of darkness (about 50 minutes). Overnight in Shanghai.

Day 08: Shanghai - Zhujiajiao Ancient Town

After breakfast, an hour’s drive will take you away from the city’s hustle and bustle and you’ll visit Zhujiajiao Ancient Town which is known as the “Venice of Shanghai”.

Zhujiajiao has a history of 1,700 years and is a well-preserved waterside ancient town. You’ll stroll along Hundred-year-old North Street, take some awesome pictures on the Fangsheng Bridge, have a panoramic view of Zhujiao by climbing up to Yuanjin Buddhist Temple, enjoy some leisure time on the traditionally decorated boat, cruise along the canals and see the old residences, shops and bridges which are filled with classic architectural style in Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368 AD - 1911 AD). After the water town tour, return to the hotel. Overnight in Shanghai.

Day 09: Shanghai Departure

After breakfast, get transferred to the airport to board your flight


  • Beijing-Acrobatic show Ticket in the evening
  • Beijing-Chinese Kung Fu Show in the evening
  • Cable car at Badaling or Mutianyu
  • Shanghai Acrobatic Show
  • Experience High-tech Maglev Train in Shanghai
  • Cruise on Huangpu River in Shanghai
  • Dumpling Dinner & Tang Palace Dance Show in Xian
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